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Google updates Chrome to support Macbook Pro Retina displays

Google quietly unleashed a new stable version of Chrome this week, which includes deeper Cloud Print integration, expanded gamepad support, and support for the Retina display MacBook Pro.

Chrome 21, available now, will now look crisper on those high-resolution MacBook Pro Retina display screens.

The upgrade also brings with it the getUserMedia API, which lets developers access a Web camera or external microphone without a plug-in – which Google said is the first step in WebRTC, a new real-time communications standard.

As Google noted when the feature was added to its beta channel in July, combining getUserMedia with features like CSS filters and WebGL allows for various effects as video is captured. "For example, you can rotate the video and add hipstery filters, play a xylophone with motion detection, try on glasses with face detection, and step into a photobooth with crazy effects like 'Snow' and 'Fire,'" Google said at the time.

Google pointed to several ways in which the getUserMedia API is already in use, including the Sketchbots experiment.

"The experiment "uses getUserMedia to let you take a picture of your face, which is then converted to a line drawing and sent to a robot in the Science Museum in London," Google said this week. "The robot then draws out your portrait in a patch of sand, which you can watch live on YouTube and visitors can watch in person at the museum. It's just about as crazy as it sounds, and twice as cool."

Also available in the updated Chrome is improved support for Google Cloud Print and expanded support for gamepads.