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Raspberry Pi getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in a month?

It's starting to sound like the kind of pudding buffet that would tempt even the staunchest Weight Watchers leader: pocket sized single-board budget computer Raspberry Pi is set to enjoy a helping of Ice Cream Sandwich very soon, according to the gadget's blog.

The aim is to offer a more accessible alternative to the current Linux-based distribution system, with the port to Android 4.0 currently in the final stages of development, continuing to enjoy "great progress."

Hardware-accelerated graphics and video are running smoothly, according to one of the Foundation's founding members, Eben Upton, who said that AudioFlinger support is the last remaining ingredient before the project can hit the oven. The Foundation has released a demonstration video (top) showing the solid media playback, and screenshots of the endeavour as well (below).

While previous attempts to offer various Android flavours on the mini-computer have been deemed unsuccessful, the ICS port appears to be going according to plan, and Upton ventured that a release candidate should be feasible in around a month, with a developer version pushed out as soon as possible.

"This implemented uses a different kernel and VideoCore binary image from the one available on GitHub, which is why we've been keeping quiet about it so far," he wrote.

"We're investigating the feasibility of converging the two codes line to produce a single common platform as soon as we can, at which point we hope to release the sources for you to play with," Upton added.

Raspberry Pi, which aims to help stimulate interest in computer science in schools, was released earlier in the year, proving immensely popular from the outset.