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Samsung Galaxy Nexus US ban delayed again

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will remain on US shelves, thanks to a ruling this week from a federal appeals court.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit agreed to continue a delay on the Galaxy Nexus ban pending a final appeals court decision, which is expected in late August or early September.

In June, a California district judge granted Apple a patent-related injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Apple posted a $96 million (£62 million) bond to have the phone pulled from US shelves, and it was removed from Google Play. An upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, however, allowed Google to return the unlocked version to the store.

Meanwhile, the Federal Circuit in early July granted an immediate stay on the Galaxy Nexus ban, and it extended that delay this week.

According to patent blogger Florian Mueller, an appeals hearing is scheduled for 20 August.

Mueller suggested the ruling is "moderately favourable to Samsung."

"Since the appeal can be adjudicated anytime after the 20 August hearing, it would make sense to just stay the injunction for the remainder of the appeals process given that a disruption of its sales is clearly more harmful to Samsung than an extended stay is to Apple," Mueller wrote in a blog post. "If the court needs more information to decide on the motion to stay, Samsung must make some more headway to prevail on its appeal."

Samsung has until 6 August to file a reply brief, Mueller said.

Samsung has some bigger patent fish to fry at the moment. The company's patent trial with Apple kicked off this week in California district court, with both sides making their opening arguments on Tuesday.