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Today's Tech: iPhone 5 to rock tiny 8-pin dock connector, Raspberry Pi to get Ice Cream Sandwich, and reviewed

Between a certain patent trial and the social media rows, it's been a busy day over in California. Amid increasing scepticism over the value of its on-site advertising, Facebook has admitted that more than 83 million of its 955 million users may be fake accounts - that's nearly nine per cent of its total overall user base.

In addition, it came to our attention this morning that three key members of Facebook's executive team had resigned in quick succession, leading to fears of a brain drain at Menlo Park. Whatever goodwill the company has managed to retain following its calamity-ridden IPO back in May continues to ebb away, though, with iMeem co-founder and noted Silicon Valley developer Dalton Caldwell accusing Facebook of bully-boy negotiation tactics in an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

Life couldn't get much worse, unless you're Samsung that is. Going into its fourth day, the historic San Jose jury trial pitting home team Apple against evil foreign invader Samsung continues to intensify, with the Korean tech giant immediately on the back foot over its decision to release inadmissible evidence to the press earlier in the week. The Galaxy S3 manufacturer's legal team stepped up its defence today, with lawyer John B. Quinn denying any wrongdoing in the face of criticism from both the US company and presiding Judge Lucy Koh.

In other Apple-related news, more speculation about the iPhone 5 reached us today, with the latest rumours about the next-gen smartphone pointing to an even smaller dock connector than previously predicted. Apparently, the Cupertino-based company's latest flagship mobile will in fact rock an 8-pin interface with a MagSafe-style design, not the 19-pin or 16-pin number speculated earlier. Indeed, even the 'dock connector' phraseology could be on the way out, according to the latest gossip. Present generation iPhone 4 and 4S models feature the long-standing 30-pin docking port.

Meanwhile, a pudding-themed mashup was served up as information posted on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's blog claims that the credit card-sized computer will be getting an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich port – possibly in as little as four weeks time. Development on the project is apparently nearly finished, with graphics and video playback running smoothly, and a demonstration video accompanying the post. Once AudioFlinger support has been established, co-founder Eben Upton said, the Pi will hit the oven and a release candidate may be on the cards in only a month's time. Now that is a tasty prospect.

And finally... Microsoft's decision to move Hotmail to the Trash folder in favour of its new Metro-style Outlook webmail client generally gets the thumbs up. After in-depth analysis, it was the lack of ads that represented particularly good value for money, though the reduced level of interface customisation could be a problem.