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Facebook unveils new themed Stories site

Facebook has launched a brand new site to "share some of the most extraordinary, quirky and thought-provoking stories" from the social network's 950 million users (minus its 83 million fake accounts).

The site, called Facebook Stories, will feature stories each month around a different theme, highlighting individuals who use the social network in innovative ways. The first month is centred around the theme of "remembering," and features a video telling the story of a man named Mayank Sharma, who lost his memory and used Facebook's "people you may know" feature to rediscover his personal history. Users can submit their own stories for the chance to be featured on the site, though Facebook ultimately picks what to highlight.

"By spotlighting these stories, we hope to inspire people to find new uses for these technologies within their own lives," Facebook said in a statement.

The page will include regular features every month, such as a list of books and articles related to the theme and a Spotify playlist with tracks curated by "inspiring artists." Each month, the page will also feature a new infogaphic related to the theme.

This month, the bookshelf includes five titles selected by US Memory Championship winner Joshua Foer. The Spotify playlist was curated by electronic artist Ashley Charles, who mixes under the name Sabrepulse, and the reading list highlights a selection of stories from The New Yorker about memory.

The infographic for August (below) shows how Facebook users share major memories such as traveling, getting married, or having a baby. Based on an analysis of life events on users' timelines, Facebook found that people most often share stories about travel, followed by moving, dating, getting married, having babies, and getting engaged.

"It's no surprise that people on Facebook share stories about travel more than anything else," Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, said in a statement. "Studies show that travel stimulates the mind and creates memories, and sharing those experiences through social networks only strengthens relationships with friends and loved ones."

Facebook launched a similar project back in 2010 also called Facebook Stories. The offering was an app that highlighted the impact the social network had on people's lives, but disappeared last year.