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Nokia updates maps with Groupon deals & advance route planning

Nokia and Groupon have teamed up to bring Lumia smartphone users on-demand deals.

The Finnish company yesterday released Nokia Maps 2.5 with Groupon Now! integration on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It provides limited-time offers from local retailers, restaurants, and service providers that can be located directly in Nokia's maps application.

"Nokia Maps' mission has always been to make you feel like a local anywhere, every day," Pino Bonetti wrote on the company blog.

The process is easy, he said. While searching on Nokia Maps, the trademark Groupon green G will show relevant deals among your other search results. A quick tap of the icon will offer a description of the offer, and a link to the Groupon mobile site to purchase the deal. Nokia Maps will show you advanced route planning, with directions by car, on foot, or with public transit.

"We think that this is a perfect way to try new places or find great offers around you, in your home city or when traveling," Bonetti said.

Meanwhile, the Maps app has been updated to allow users to pin a route on the Lumia's start screen and share it with friends via various social networks, as well as to sync routes between your smartphone and the Web (at

For a quick search of the top places in the area, use the Nearby feature to explore a list of 25 attractions and restaurants based on user reviews, trusted guides, and local providers, Nokia said in a press release.

The Groupon Now! deals are currently available only in the US for Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 800, and 900 users. The phone company warns that a publishing delay may leave the new version of Nokia Maps lagging, depending on the region. Users still seeing version 2.1 should check back periodically for version 2.5.

The company has not yet announced plans to expand the feature to other territories, but given that Groupon offers deals in dozens of UK cities, we could very well expect to see it here soon.

In other crowd-sourcing coupon news, Blue Calypso, Inc. announced Wednesday that it has filed a patent infringement complaint against Groupon. The Dallas-based company alleges that Groupon infringed on two patents regarding peer-to-peer advertising which were created, developed, and used by Blue Calypso.

"These patents are the result of years of technology innovation and development that enables us to deliver best-in-class digital word-of-mouth marketing programs to our customers," Blue Calypso CEO Bill Ogle said in a statement. "As companies try to monetize their social media connections, they are rapidly moving into our technological area of expertise and it is imperative that we protect and secure what we have built."