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Wireless charging coming to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in September

Love your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone but can't figure out the best way to optimise its capabilities next? Well, wireless charging specialist Zens may have just the solution to satisfy your needs, with the Dutch company announcing it will be offering a cordless power-up solution for the device starting in September.

The charging system is made up of two elements: a new, fully-integrated back cover designed specifically for the Galaxy S3, and a Zens Wireless Charger plate. Zens cable-free charging stations come in both single and dual-phone models and are compatible with any Qi-ready smartphone.

The Zens solution will almost certainly pre-empt Samsung's own wireless charging offering. The Galaxy S3's ability to power-up sans cable was largely lost amidst the general hysteria surrounding its launch back in May, and the subsequent sales bonanza it has enjoyed.

S3 owners who just can't wait to start powering-up their handset with greater freedom will be able to get their hands on the necessary accessories for €69, or around £50 based on today's exchange rate. The charging process itself seems fairly straightforward: a simple back cover switch from Samsung's native battery protector to Zens' custom-built peripheral and your mobile will be able to make use of the inductive-charging pad.

Thanks to the built-in induction coils, the charging plate is enabled with free device positioning capability, meaning you can plonk your S3 down nearly any which way and it will commence to power-up, without having to be locked into an exact location.

The Zens Wireless Charger battery cover will be available in white or blue colour palettes, so fashionistas need not worry about it clashing with the design of their Galaxy S3.

Eco-warriors may also want to rejoice, as the Zens plate is intelligent enough to stop charging once the needy battery is replete and switching to a low-power standby state.

When Samsung chooses to unveil its own wireless charging station remains a mystery – could it appear alongside the Galaxy Note 2 later this month at IFA in Berlin? – but until an official solution becomes available, the Zens bundle sounds like a fairly acceptable alternative for those itching to get down with some wireless charging action.