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Samsung Netbook with Windows 7 & 250GB HDD from £139

Ebayer 3monkeys is selling the Samsung N150 (N150-JP0E) for a mere £139 with a full year warranty (you can extend it by two years, for £60) and free delivery.

The device is refurbished, but it should come with its full array of accessories. The N150 features an Intel Atom N455 processor clocked at 1.66GHz, 1GB of RAM (shared with video), a 250GB hard disk drive, a 10.1in 1,024 x 600 pixels LED screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Windows 7.

Note that you can update Windows 7 to Windows 8, from only £15.

Other specifications include a four-hour battery life, a webcam, three USB ports, Ethernet, a VGA port and a card reader. There are more than 10 units left, at the time of writing.

One could argue that netbooks, as a category, are on the decline. But there is no doubt that this form factor is a better alternative to tablets for certain tasks - especially where a keyboard is preferred.

We expect the end of the year to be particularly interesting time for netbooks, with the devices potentially making a comeback. Not as x86-based Windows models, but as Windows RT, ARM-based ones with similar characteristics to tablets.

Source: Ebay

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