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Video and spec breakdown of iPhone 5 surface

With each passing week we learn a little more about Apple’s next generation iPhone, rumoured to have a 21 September release date.

Our latest information provides a breakdown of the iPhone 5’s alleged display lens and compares its specs to the screen of the iPhone 4s. ETrade Supply claims the new display comes in at 4.065in diagonally – a significant enlargement from the 3.61in screen of the 4S (above).

The examination claims the iPhone 5 glass lens will have an upgraded 16:9 resolution ratio, and though it is apparently made of the same material, it will measure 0.1mm thinner than its predecessor (below), potentially giving us a “fresh visual shock”.

We also have a diagram showing a different configuration at the top of the display (below) with the camera hole moving centrally, effectively switching positions with the light sensor hole that has intriguingly become much smaller on the new model. At the other end, the home button is smaller too, and the phone’s loudspeaker is also earmarked as being part of the feature downsizing as Apple prepares its most trim and tidy model to date.

If these diagrams aren’t enough for you, we have a video below showing the breakdown as we get our closest ever look at the iPhone 5’s display; if this is indeed the lens it will sport.

This fresh leak follows this morning’s news that the term ‘iPhone 5’ has been referenced in Apple’s employee server logs, a revelation in itself as the name has yet to be confirmed despite tech circles conveniently labeling it as such for now.

Other recent reports have thrown up alleged images of the fully assembled new iPhone and rumours of an 8-pin dock connector, surpassing previous estimations of how much smaller the redesigned port would be.