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James Bond smartphone watch available from £40

It is not just a phone and it’s definitely not your ordinary watch. Meet the Avatar Smart Watch Mobile phone (ET-1) that combines both of those features, and is available from KGBdeals for a mere £40 (excluding delivery).

Unfortunately, other than making calls and giving time, there's not much that it can do. This is partly because of the size of the device. It comes with a microUSB port, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, a video player (although you shouldn't expect great quality on its tiny 1in screen) and two batteries.

The watch is not water resistant, it doesn't come with a front facing camera and battery life is likely to be poor. But if you want to impress, while being sure that you won't lose your expensive phone – the Avatar watch phone is an interesting gadget to own.

Watch smartphones never really managed to get significant traction, partly due to inherent issues with form factor. Similar models have appeared over the years, including the LG GD910 in August 2009, the sWaP watch phone and the Hyundai MB-910.

Source: KGBDeals

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