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LinkedIn's CardMunch iPhone app suffers user login issues

For those of you that use the exceptionally useful CardMunch mobile application for the iPhone (acquired by LinkedIn in early 2011), you may well be experiencing the same problems we’ve been having at ITProPortal Towers.

Last week, we randomly found that we were unable to log in to the app that transcribes actual business cards into contacts.

After uninstalling and reinstalling CardMunch, we were still unable to log in, so we submitted a ticket to LinkedIn.

Initially, we were advised to change our password as LinkedIn "suggest using only letters and numbers" because "special characters and spaces can cause issues on mobile devices". After changing our password, we still could not reach the application.

However, we received the following reply, so it appears LinkedIn is in the process of sorting the issue out.

Update 07/08/12: It seems that this problem may have now been fixed. If you are still experiencing similar problems, please let us know!

Link: CardMunch on iTunes