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Price of ZTE touchscreen phone falls below £13

The Orange Lisbon, otherwise known as the ZTE Sage, is currently being sold for a mere £12.99 including delivery from Argos' eBay Outlet.

Make no mistake, this is an entry-level, basic smartphone that weighs 80g and has a 2.4in, 240 x 320-pixel resistive display. This is no smartphone, so don't expect Android; instead you get a proprietary OS from ZTE that is overlaid with Orange's own user interface.

The two-year-old phone, which some have compared to the original Palm Pre, also comes with a microSD card slot, Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, USB and an FM radio/MP3 player.

For just over three pints of beer (Central London prices), the ZTE Sage is probably suitable as a secondary (or even tertiary) mobile handset. The lack of Wi-Fi or 3G plus the resistive screen will probably convince most users to switch to another more capable, but also more expensive model.

Note that the phone is locked to Orange but there are apparently resources online that enable you to unlock the phone for free.

Source: Orange Lisbon

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