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128GB Kingston SSD being sold for £50

Kingston is not what you would consider to be a rock-bottom, entry level, brand. Yet, you can purchase one of its products, the SSDnow V200 from Ebuyer’s Ebay outlet – for a mere £49.99, with free delivery.

What is odd, is that Ebuyer sells it for more, on its own website. The device has a 128GB capacity, rather than the 64GB that you’d expect. At just over £0.39 per GB, this is the cheapest SSD with its size that we've ever seen on the market.

While you’d expect corners to be cut, we couldn’t find anything significantly wrong. The drive comes with a three-year warranty, read speeds of 300MBps and write speeds of 190MBps. It is only 7mm thick, which should make it compatible with many ultraportables (including some laptops).

The drive reaches 36K IOPS on 4K Random Reads and 2.5K IOPS on 4K random writes. It has a SATA-600 interface that uses a JMicron 668 Controller, with Toshiba 24nm 3KP/E Cycle MLC NAND flash.

It is likely that this is the new V200, with the updated firmware. Some tests (like the one carried out by Notebookreview) show that the SSD is even faster, than Kingston has advertised.

Source: Ebay

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