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Data shows tablet purchases largely dictated by app selection & price

When deciding to purchase a tablet, buyers are most concerned about the availability of apps and the device's price, according to new data from comScore.

On a 10 point upwards scale, comScore found that app selection and price ranked as the most important concerns when buying a new tablet (see table, below), at 7.7 among the 6,000 people polled via comScore's TabLens.

The brand name of the tablet and the operating system also factored into the purchase decision at 7.5, while music and video capabilities scored 7.4, comScore found.

Recommendations from friends and family were less important at 6.5, while having the same OS on a tablet and smartphone was also not a requirement, scoring a 6.4 on the purchase consideration scale. Social-networking options, meanwhile, scored a 6.2, while recommendations from a retail salesperson rounded out the list at 5.3.

The fact that people aren't too concerned about having a smartphone and tablet from the same manufacturer "highlights the potential for brands, such as Microsoft with its recently announced Surface Tablet, to see consumer adoption in the tablet market even though they might lack strong penetration in the smartphone market," comScore said.

Priorities, however, differed based on the tablet selected.

Those with iPads were most interested in app selection, brand name, and operating system - in that order. Android buyers (Kindle Fire excluded), however, considered price first, followed by apps and then music and video capabilities. Amazon Kindle Fire buyers reported the same, though music and video options tied with brand name.

In terms of satisfaction, overall tablet happiness landed at 8.6. The iPad had a slightly higher satisfaction rate at 8.8, while the Kindle Fire landed at 8.7 and Android tablets came in at 8.2.