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iOS 6 scalable to taller display, suggests 4in iPhone 5 could be forthcoming

Leading the pack of next-generation iPhone rumours is the expectation that the device, given the iPhone 5 moniker by fawning fans and an eager press, will sport a larger, 4in display, to compete perhaps with Samsung’s 4.8in Galaxy S3.

That rumour has now been somewhat substantiated by the folks at 9to5Mac, who have discovered that iOS6 is scalable to a taller display. By making some modifications to the iOS Simulator app that comes with the iOS developers’ tools, 9to5Mac ran the simulator at a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels, the exact display parameters expected on the new iPhone.

This was done both on the public release of iOS 5.1 and the forthcoming iOS 6.0, which is currently in its fourth beta. In the case of the former, the traditional four-row home screen sets were stretched. In the latter, five complete rows were displayed, suggesting that the rumours of a larger iPhone pouring in from sundry sources could in fact be true.

Interestingly enough, the five rows are only properly displayed when simulated on a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels. At other resolutions, the icons take shape more like they would on an iPad than on the current iPhone and iPod touch screens.

Of course, this isn’t definitive proof that you can expect to have a 4in iPhone in your hands when the expected 21 September launch date finally rolls around. The scalable interface could easily be one of many screen sizes and display resolutions tested by Apple. Nonetheless, it confirms that the company has, at the very least, considered the possibility of introducing a larger screen size. Now, back to holding our collective breaths for an official announcement.

Source and Image Credit: 9to5Mac