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Media discovery service Shazam tops 5 billion tag milestone

Music discovery service Shazam has announced a new achievement: fans around the world have used the app to identify - or tag - 5 billion songs, television shows, and advertisements.

The five billionth song tagged with the app was 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' by Pink, the company said. Shazam, founded in the UK in 2002, now boasts 225 million users, is used more than 10 million times each day, and is downloaded by 2 million new people every week, Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher said in a statement.

"We have invested in our technology and developed strong partnerships with broadcasters, brands, artists and music labels to provide our fans with the most innovative way to discover, explore and share the content that interests them most," Fisher said.

In recent years, Shazam has shifted from solely music discovery to what Fisher calls "media discovery." The service now offers Shazam for TV, complete with accompanying commercials.

Right now, for example, Shazam users can fire up the app while watching the Olympics to access information about athletes, results and medal counts, video highlights, the latest tweets from athletes, and, of course, music during the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Shazam back in January released a new music player app that includes a karaoke-style feature as well as some social options. Shazam Player basically serves the same function as the "Music" app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but with a few additions such as LyricPlay, which scrolls the lyrics of songs as they play, highlighting the words that are being sung.