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Microsoft Surface to come with scaled down version of Office 2013?

Microsoft may remove some features from the Office 2013 productivity suite that it plans to ship with Windows RT, according to a report published by The Verge.

Windows RT OS will ship on ARM-based devices, which will almost certainly include desktops, laptops and tablets. One of its main selling points was that it would have a free Office 15/Office 2013 suite.

The product, the Verge reports, will lose a few features such as Macros, third-party plug-ins, VBA support and a “small number” of other features.

But rather than playing the “differentiation” card, Microsoft apparently deliberately chose to produce this Office 2013 lite version to improve battery life and reliability. This is unusual, given that historically, ARM tablets trounce their x86 counterparts – when it comes to battery life (albeit with a different OS).

A preview version of Office 2013 RT will be shipped with tablets later this year, with the final version being available at the beginning of 2013.

We wonder whether this will be a souped-up version of Office 2010 Starter Edition (which is available for free, on almost every new computer now) or a toned-down version of Office Home and Student.

Source: The Verge

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