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New photo shows updated Ouya design as console's Kickstarter run set to expire

The Android-based Ouya console is coming to the end of its Kickstarter run with more than $7 million (£4.45m) in the bank, a few new supporters, and an updated design concept.

The project has less than 40 hours to go on Kickstarter, and to cap off a successful run, the company said that XBMC will provide a media player for Ouya.

"We've heard many of you buzzing about a potential OUYA-XBMC partnership since Day One of launch. (Something of a match made in open source heaven!) Now, with a few hours left in our drive, we're delivering," Ouya said.

XBMC said talks with Ouya are "young, but ... ongoing and positive."

Ouya has also partnered with TuneIn.

"With over 70,000 stations and two million on-demand programs, TuneIn offers unmatched variety for listeners across 230 countries and territories," Ouya said.

In recent weeks, the company has also announced deals with iHeartRadio and Vevo, as well as gaming firms Square Enix and OnLive.

For those expecting a bulky console, meanwhile, a new image (above) shows a cube-like device that can fit in the palm of your hand.

When the Kickstarter campaign ends, meanwhile, Ouya will shift from the crowd-sourcing website to its new home at

All eyes are on Ouya to see if it can actually deliver. As Sascha Segan pointed out recently, it can be difficult to produce hardware-based Kickstarter projects, as they need a reliable supply chain.

Someone who might help with that is Muffi Ghadiali, a former employee at Amazon's Lab126 who worked on the Kindle line and recently joined Ouya.