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A tablet with a 10.1in capacitive display lands for £80

You can get a 10.1in tablet with a decent capacitive screen - the Disgo 8100 - from ITstor’s Ebay outlet for as little as £80 including delivery. Add in a 32GB card for a few more quid and you’d have a decent media player that can keep the kids occupied for more than few days.

The tablet comes with an ARM-based processor clocked at 1GHz (the same iMAPx210 that powers the Disgo 7000, which is essentially a smaller version of the Disgo 8100). Like the Disgo 7000, there’s 512MB of RAM and 4GB NAND flash memory with a microSD card slot. Also like its sibling, the tablet comes with Wi-Fi, a front-facing camera, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, an HDMI port, two mini -USB ports and a one-year warranty.

The only main differences are the battery size (6,000mAh vs 3,000mAh) and the screen size (10.1in, 1,024 x 600 pixels). Note that you won’t be able to access Google Play because of licensing issues, which means that you will have to stick with GetJar.

Most other large display tablets are at least 25 per cent more expensive than the Disgo 8100, which makes this tablet a bargain for some uses.

Source: Ebay

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