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Black Samsung Galaxy S3 on the way?

A photo of a black Samsung Galaxy S3, next to a white one, with the Olympic stadiums in the background has been posted to Samsung Mobile’s official Facebook page. This is a clearest indication that Samsung will launching a black version of the Galaxy S3, very soon.

The decision taken by Samsung to launch its flagship smartphone in the Pebble Blue and Marble White colour schemes was a puzzle, for most observers. This is given that sale's data points to the fact that black remains the overwhelming colour of choice, for most smartphones.

What’s more, the black version could well be launched just before the Apple iPhone 5 is announced. This could be in a bid to boost sales, and catch the attention of those looking for a more conservative, and neutral colour.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has only been available for a few months and has already been, by far, Samsung’s most popular handset yet. It has fuelled the company’s record quarterly profits, with shipments surpassing 10 million units.

The handset can be purchased, in the UK, for as little as £430 unlocked – a far cry from the £500 it commanded at launch. It is also available for £26 per month, on a two-year contract with T-Mobile.

Source: Facebook

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