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iPad sales to remain almost flat in H2 says Taiwanese report

Taiwanese tech publication Digitimes has issued a report that predicts that the total tablet shipment for the whole of the year is likely to reach 88.69 million units. There could be close to 50 million tablets shipped, in the second half of the year alone.

The report highlights the fact that the end of the year will see a maturation of the tablet market with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple likely to emerge as the main winners – with tablets running on three different operating systems.

Digitimes predicts that the launch of the iPad Mini, plus the apparition of another 9.7in iPad, called the refreshed iPad, and Amazon’s next generation 7in tablets, with Microsoft Surface – will pile even more pressure on existing players, such as Asus or Samsung.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple will ship around 38.5 million tablets in the second half of the year with the rest (around 11 million units) being divided between other Android, Windows RT players and RIM.

The research also notes that while shipments of Apple’s iPad will increase marginally from H1 to H2 (up to around 29 million), non-iOS tablet shipments are expected to nearly double. This is from roughly 11 million, to around 20 million units.

Source: Digitimes

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