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iPhone 5 leads the way in search traffic queries in the UK

Amazon is the most visible brown goods advertiser on the web, with Apple remaining the most visible website for search queries - relating to brown goods.

Brown goods: is the term that referrers to electronic products such as television sets, DVD players, laptops or computers.

The report published by digital marketing agency Greenlight shows that Amazon has a 30 per cent share in visibility, when it comes to the paid-for arena.

In comparison, Apple has a massive 37 per cent share of voice in the listing – thanks partly to the massive amount of people looking for the iPhone.

The term iPhone 5 managed to attract 450,000 queries and accounted for six per cent of searches for brown goods, in May alone. This was followed by the iPad 3 (rather than the new iPad with 301,000 queries) and BlackBerry.

Apple’s follow up to the iPhone 4 is expected to be unveiled either in September, or in October, but rumoured details of the device have already emerged.

Greenlight’s report looked at more than seven million searches for brown goods-related keywords with PC and laptops accounting for half of these queries. This is while phones & accessories topped 2.1 million searches.

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