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iPhone 5 to be 7.66mm thick, nearly 1mm thinner than Galaxy S3

A Chinese news source has published an unsubstantiated report claiming to exclusively reveal important details about the iPhone 5. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Apparently not, as Taiwanese daily newspaper Apple Daily (no relation to the manufacturer – honestly) has published an expansive article (pictured above) alleging to disclose the measurements of Apple's forthcoming flagship smartphone, with the latest chitchat arriving via the dev community.

According to the report, the new iPhone will be thinner than its predecessors, with fanboys now able to dream of a skinnier handset that measures just 7.66mm. Earlier leaks have suggested that the device will be taller than the current model and feature an expanded display.

For those keeping score, that's 1.7mm thinner than the present-generation iPhone 4S and nearly 1mm sleeker than the Samsung Galaxy S3, which measures in at a comparatively chubby 8.6mm. It's not as lean as the ridiculously svelte ZTE Athena (at 6.22mm), and is only a bit thicker than the highly serviceable Motorola Razr, which measures in at 7.1mm.

It's possible that Apple can pull off the diet-act without compromising durability, though battery life may be another matter. Indeed, the latter may again emerge as a bone of contention with users, much like with the iPhone 4S.

The article asserts that the iPhone 5's final measurement specs will be 58.47mm x 123.83mm x 7.6mm. As with previous iterations, thickness is expected to be equal across the body. Other features tipped to appear by the piece include NFC technology, a quad-core processor, global LTE-support, and, of course, Apple's iOS 6 platform.

However speculative, the measurements proposed in the Taiwanese publication roughly fit with previous rumours. Recent gossip also points to a reduced-sized dock connector - possibly a 19-pin or an 8-pin one depending on who you believe. Heck, maybe the assumed-to-be imminent device will eschew traditional plug-in charging altogether and power-up solely via a wireless induction pad implanted into the user's buttocks by space aliens. You heard it here first.

According to recent hearsay, the iPhone 5 - or whatever it ends up being dubbed - should be launched on 12 September ahead of a 21 September on-sale date.