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Today's Tech: Ouya fund-run finishes, iPhone 5 slimmer than Galaxy S3 & Amazon snubs UK Kindle Fire launch

In addition to marking the culmination of Nicola Adams' Olympic gold medal quest in the women's boxing, Thursday will also be logged in the memory as the finishing line for Ouya's massively successful Kickstarter fundraising drive. The Android-based games console signed off from the crowd-funding website with over £5 million in backing today, with the open source project now offering up its love child for pre-order via a shiny new website. The international package includes one console, a controller, and inclusive shipping, and clocks it at around £75. Oh, and did we mention you'll probably get a Final Fantasy exclusive at the outset as well?

In less uplifting news, there was more disappointment for BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion today, after a purported move to link-up with Samsung was snubbed by the Korean firm. Industry experts had claimed RIM was angling for an investment from the Korean giant, after CEO Thorsten Heins admitted it was considering licensing out its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. But Samsung doesn't seem keen on the buddy-up, refusing to help the beleaguered Canadian firm, which will now presumably be drawing up a 'Plan B' for its financial great escape.

Likewise, Amazon is refusing to share its wealth - or, more specifically, its Kindle Fire with us Brits. The tablet has been conspicuous by its absence in the UK ever since launching over the other side of the pond last September, but a sales dip in the US, coupled with increased competition over here, is apparently putting Amazon off the idea of bringing the Fire to our shores.

One device that will definitely reach our shores is the latest iteration of Apple's wildly popular iPhone series, thus far dubbed the iPhone 5. The rumour mill surrounding the expectant mobile keeps churning merrily away. Today, it was reported that the device's frame will be the thinnest yet, measuring a slender 7.66mm. For those of you keeping score, that's nearly 2mm leaner than the current 4S model – but how does it compare to Samsung's Galaxy S3, you ask? There's only one way to find out.

Finally, whether you like it or not, it seems that digital life is becoming more and more reliant on cloud storage, but in the wake of the epic Mat Honan hacking saga, how will you respond? And, more importantly, is there anything you do apart from praying that companies like Apple and Amazon start to take their security protocols more seriously? So today, cloud security sat firmly under our spotlight.