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£50 Windows 8 Pro takes number one spot at Amazon

Amazon has put Windows 8 Pro on pre-order for £50, including free delivery. The follow-up to Windows 7 will be available for delivery on 26 October.

It’s worth noting that this is not a full version, but an upgrade edition that allows you to move from Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro.

Customers who purchased a Windows 7 computer over the last few weeks or who plan to buy one before 31 January 2013 will be eligible for a Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft for only £14.99.

In comparison, Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 costs £73. Users can download the Windows 8 Release preview to try the operating system ahead of its official launch this autumn.

Also available as a downloadable preview is the latest iteration of the company’s business productivity suite, called Microsoft Office 2013, which is also set to be launched later this year.

Enterprise users may consider checking out our report on whether Windows 8 meets needs in an Enterprise tablet environment.

Windows 8 promises more flexibility, better handling of tablets and other portable devices, as well as longer battery life, better use of resources, built-in apps, cloud connectivity, and more.

Source: Amazon

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