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iFixit publishes MacBook Pro Retina guide for DIY teardown

When DIY repair company iFixit tore apart the MacBook Pro with Retina display in June, a sour taste was left in the mouth in terms of its repairability. But for those who still want to give it a try, the site this week published 15 repair guides to serve as a roadmap for what iFixit once called "a whole mess of pretty, yet difficult to access components."

Along with a maintenance guide for reapplying thermal paste to the CPU and GPU, the iFixit guides provide details on how to disassemble and reassemble parts that aren't soldered into place.

IFixit gives users a shot at making at least some minor adjustments to the MacBook Pro, including fixes to the AirPort board, the battery, headphone jack, logic board, microphone, speakers, and trackpad, all at varying difficulties.

"Fair warning: working on the laptop is no easy task, even with a full set of guides," the iFixit team explained to potential do-it-yourselfers.

Much of the work can be done without much trouble, as long as said fixer is using the right tools, which are outlined by iFixit along each step of the process. Still, some components are simply too much for the inexperienced.

"Some repairs are simply infeasible," the site said, citing the trackpad, which can only be replaced once the battery is removed, which needs steady hands to avoid a puncture that would release flammable, noxious fumes.

While many pieces can be replaced with screwdrivers, elbow grease, and maybe some willpower, some will inevitably need to be sent to a third party, which could cost upwards of £300 for something like a battery replacement, iFixit said.

The company ripped apart Apple's new 15in MacBook Pro with Retina display at Datavision in June, praising its solid components before hammering the laptop's level of DIY repair, ultimately providing it with iFixit's lowest reparability score ever: a 1 out of 10.