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Sending real-time results all over the world

Like all the athletes taking part in the Games, I also need to be ready to make sure that during the events all the computer systems work well together, sending real-time scores and times all over the world.

My role, as Integration Manager at Atos is to ensure that all systems for all 36 different sports are correctly set up to distribute the results to the world in less than a second. I arrived in London in July 2010 and have spent the last two years designing, building and testing the IT systems that will enable fans worldwide can follow the action as it happens whether watching on TV, on their smart phone or in the stadium.

All sports are different and we work with the sports federations to ensure that the IT systems comply with the latest regulations for that sport. Competition scores and results are transmitted immediately to the On-Venue Results System located at the venue, where the data is transferred to our central systems using the Olympic Data Feed protocol – an innovation for the London 2012 Games.

For the very first time the Olympic Data Feed consolidated the disparate feeds used in previous Games into a single data feed for the news agencies, websites, intranet and CIS, streamlining the process and delivering a more sustainable solution.

With an estimated 8.5 billion PCs, smart phones and tablets predicted to be connected to the internet by 2012, the London Games are set to be the most connected Games yet with 30 per cent more data processed than in Beijing to meet the growing demand for news as it happens.

As soon as a point is scored/result being declared the information will be shared with:

  • Commentators and broadcasters via the Commentator Information System (CIS) developed by Atos, which is able to deliver results on touch-screen PCs in less than a second
  • Media via myInfo+ - a new service developed by Atos for London 2012 that enables the world’s media to access all the information available in the MyInfo kiosks via their own device
  • Athletes, accredited media and sports officials via Info+, an information kiosk developed by Atos that provides instant access results, competition schedules, medal ranking tables, transport news and sports records
  • Website visitors / smart phone users world-wide via a direct feed so fans can access the results on the device of their choice