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WordPress pushes update to iOS app with more than 180 improvements

WordPress has released a new version of its iOS app. Dubbed the “biggest update ever,” Version 3.1 of the blogging platform’s app is now downloadable from the App Store, and brings with it dozens of new features and a brand-new interface.

The update has more than 180 new or improved features and bug fixes, wrote Isaac Keyet of WordPress’ Mobile Projects division.

Most notably, the app’s “completely re-imagined interface” brings with it a streamlined Reader section for keeping up with blogs you subscribe to, tracking topics you’re interested in, and finding friends’ blogs through a friend-finding function that trawls through your accounts on other social networks.

For the iPhone, an icon list will give you access to options like exposing all of the content on your blog, changing your settings, and easily uploading photos. As for iPad users, there is a new sliding sidebar panel function, designed for optimal usage on the device’s larger screen.

Other improvements include a new mechanism for previewing posts on the iPad, landscape orientation support across the app, and a more detailed stats dashboard.

Despite the massive changes, “development is continuing at a very rapid pace. We are already marching towards the next big release of the app,” the company wrote on its WordPress for iOS blog. Eager users of the app can expect to see new features such as a visual editor, notification area, and support for featured images soon, WordPress has sad.

With nearly 55 million WordPress sites written in more than 120 languages across the globe raking in over 2.5 billion monthly pageviews, the platform is still one of the world’s most popular blogging services.