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Nexus 7 web traffic dropping off after initial surge

In the two months since its debut, Google's Nexus 7 gained immense popularity in the tablet market, but all good things must end.

According to data from research site Chitika Insights, the newcomer's honeymoon phase is over.

Chitika watched as traffic grew steadily around 21 July - spiking by nearly 1,000 per cent by month's end. But in recent days, that traffic has dropped by nearly 40 per cent. Usually a hefty drop like that comes after a device has been on the market for at least a few months, Chitika said.

Still, Nexus 7 web traffic has grown steadily since 21 July, it's just not the kind of growth Chitika expected given the demand for the tablet. Google sold out of the 16GB version of the Nexus 7 shortly after its release, starting sales again on 30 July.

As a result, Chitika expected that the Nexus 7 would outpace the Motorola Xoom and US-only Amazon Kindle Fire on its network by August, but that was not the case. "In light of the more recent numbers, it seems the Nexus 7 will have to wait a little longer," Chitika said.

Currently, the Google tablet accounts for 0.35 impressions for every 100 iPad impressions, a very slight 0.5 per cent increase from a week and a half ago, according to the data.

According to recent data from Royal Pingdom, the Nexus 7 helped push Android tablets to 13 per cent of the tablet market, though that still trails the iPad's 85.7 per cent.