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Price of 64GB USB drives down to £12

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that the cheapest 64GB USB drive on the market could be had for around £17. Now, you can grab one for as little as £12 - a drop of £5 or nearly 30 per cent, which makes me wonder how thin the margin for this product is and where the fall will end.

An eBay reseller, alibinar24, sells the USB drive with a swivel cap for £11.99. Crucially, it includes delivery and is new and the product is located in Greater Manchester in the UK.

Not much is known about it other than the fact it is a USB 2.0 model and is compatible with most of the operating systems on the market.

For those fancying some extreme DIY, this latest price drop means that you can get half a terabyte of flash memory for under £96 if you buy eight of them. That’s a little more than twice the price you would pay for a similar magnetic-based hard drive.

Given how cheap these drives are now, it does make sense (a) that manufacturers bundle them with their computers/tablets/laptops (b) that USB drive manufacturers focus on selling the higher capacity models as the profit margin on smaller capacity models is marginal.

Source: eBay

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