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Spotify desktop app gets thumbs up, thumbs down rating function

Spotify updated its desktop app for Mac and Windows late last week, adding a new rating feature that lets you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to songs. The feature was already available in the popular streaming music service's mobile apps for iOS and Android.

With the thumbs up, thumbs down feature, you'll be able to influence Spotify Radio's automatic selections based on your preference of tunes. Hear a song you don't like? Give it a thumbs down, and Spotify Radio won't play it again. Alternatively, songs you rate with a thumbs up will be saved in a handy 'Liked from Radio' playlist.

"By giving a track a thumbs up or down, you'll help to personalize your stations," Diego Planas Rego, EU user communications manager at Spotify, wrote in a blog post Friday. "Best yet, songs you like from either your mobile or desktop will grow your 'Liked from Radio' Spotify playlist - so you can always keep track of new discoveries."

The update also brings other new additions to the desktop. Namely, all the stations you've created with the Spotify mobile app will now show up on your desktop - and vice versa, Spotify said.

Spotify added free radio access to its iOS app in June and rolled it out to Android last month.