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Twitter buys intellectual property from mobile app testing start-up

Twitter has acquired app testing firm, a company designed to help developers quickly bring their apps to market.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but said in a blog post that Twitter purchased the intellectual property.

"Today is our first day with the company," wrote founders Eric Florenzano and Eric Maguire.

"Our mission over the last few months has been to help mobile developers iterate fast and grow their user base," they continued. "Now, as part of Twitter's growth and international team, we're excited for the opportunity to focus our efforts on Twitter's product at a large scale."

Those who have used the Clutch Framework and Clutch A/B testing will soon have access to "everything you need to run on your own servers," Florenzano and Maguire said.

The company's hosted service will be active until 1 November.

"Remember that all of our libraries are designed to fail gracefully when the service cannot be reached, so your users will never notice a thing," the duo said.

The announcement comes a little over a year after Twitter placed a moratorium on third-party apps; in recent months, Twitter promised "stricter guidelines around how the Twitter API is used," which has affected companies like LinkedIn and Instagram.

This week, Twitter alternative surpassed its online funding goal of $500,000 (£319,000). In mid-July, founder Dalton Caldwell announced plans for a Kickstarter-like, 30-day online funding campaign that would gather money for a Twitter-like service that would rely on paid subscribers rather than ad dollars. Caldwell said the focus at firms like Twitter has been on advertisers, resulting in a poor experience for users and developers.