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Acer Aspire Revo RL70 Nettop down to £190

It’s hard to believe that Ebuyer has somehow been able to drop the price of the Acer Aspire Revo RL70 Nettop to a mere £190.

This is a fully-fledged computer that runs on Linux rather than a Windows-based operating system. It comes with an AMD E450 processor clocked at 1.65GHz, 4GB of RAM, a massive 640GB hard disk drive, an AMD Radeon HD6320 integrated GPU, a wireless keyboard and mouse, a nifty stand, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Dolby Home Theater technology, GbE, six USB ports, two HD audio jacks, SPDIF, D-Sub and a card reader.

You can always install Windows 8 Release preview if you want to use the latest version of Windows (we did just that on similar small form factor computers) and then decide whether to buy a license later or stick with Linux.

Nettops used to be the remit of Intel’s Atom processors but AMD has managed to turn the tide by offering an affordable compelling all-rounder solution that includes a beefier graphics subsystem.

Expect Windows RT-based Nettops to flood the market by the end of the year for around the same price but with ARM-based hardware.

Source: Ebuyer

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