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ARM to partner with GlobalFoundries over 20nm technology, FinFET

ARM and GlobalFoundries, the fab that was once AMD’s manufacturing arm, will collaborate on producing 20nm silicon as well as the three-dimensional FinFET gating technology.

This is the second such announcement in less than one month. In July, ARM bagged TSMC as a partner to collaborate on 20nm and beyond with a goal to optimise ARM’s next generation 64-bit processors.

ARM already has a running agreement with IBM to produce a comprehensive design platform all the way down to 14nm.

Mike Noonen, executive vice president at GlobalFoundries, said ““By leveraging our implementation knowledge and applying it to a next-generation, energy-efficient ARM processor and graphics processing unit, we believe we can jointly offer a compelling differentiation to our mutual customers that will power innovation into the next two generations”.

The press release doesn’t mention either the Cortex A15 or any 64-bit ARM processors but it does provide more details about GlobalFoundries’ 20nm-LPM technology, which it says delivers up to 40 per cent performance improvement and twice the gate density of 28nm.