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BBC iPlayer iOS app gets Retina support on new iPad

The BBC's iPlayer for iOS app may have just become one of the sexier video on-demand platforms on the market, after the broadcaster announced that the most recent update, version 1.3.2, included support for the top-notch Retina graphics featured on Apple's new iPad.

Other improvements included in the latest software include a wider range of VoiceOver controls for enhanced accessibility, and improved video performance - though the Beeb failed to elaborate on exactly what that entailed.

"You asked for better playback so we've improved the video performance," the BBC says on the app's iTunes page.

But the latest iPlayer iteration - which also features bug fixes and "general tidying" - has not been met with universal approval. One user commenting on the page complained that the app was failing to load on their new iPad after the update, while another called the refresh "pointless" because it did not allow viewers to download streams in advance and watch offline.

Still, most people lucky enough to own the new iPad and enjoy Retina-quality graphics whilst catching up on EastEnders are likely to be pleased with the announcement - not that goodwill towards the BBC is in short supply after the London 2012 Olympics.

The Beeb was widely praised for its recent coverage of the Games, which was generally regarded as comprehensive, informative, and unbiased. Not least, the television network offered a range of free mobile viewing options, including dedicated Olympics apps for Android and iOS devices.

In the end, the BBC's London 2012 coverage re-defined the potential for online content delivery, the staggering 2.8 petabytes it pushed out during its busiest day representing a new data record. To put the figure into context, the traffic to during this peak 24-hour period exceeded the entire 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Across all online platforms, the Beeb received a total of 106 million online video requests during the Olympics and its apps were downloaded by 1.9 million people. The most popular event was Andy Murray's whitewash of Roger Federer in the men's gold medal tennis match.

If you missed any of Team GB's moments of glory, iPlayer is now full to bursting point with Olympic highlights - viewers can relieve the triumphs of Wiggo, Mo, Jess, and the rest of the nation's new sporting heroes, as well as Danny Boyle's epic opening ceremony, until 2013.

The BBC also offered on-the-go coverage of the Euro 2012 football and Wimbledon tennis tournaments.