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Music streaming app Songza launched on Android tablets

Back in June, Songza reached 1.15 million iOS downloads within 10 days of releasing its iPad app. Now, the company is hoping to reach the same heights with the launch of an Android tablet app.

Development of the app came along with input from Android users, the company said, in order to optimise the app experience and take advantage of the added real estate the larger tablet format offers. Built from the ground-up, the new app supports all versions of the Android operating systems, including 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The music exploration app provides a "music concierge" service by streaming playlists that fit any activity, at any time of the day and week.

The company touts Songza as "a lifestyle enhancer, using music to improve the things you do every day," a press release said. "Each time you use Songza, you're served the expertly curated playlist that will help you wake up, workout, commute, focus, unwind, entertain, sleep (and just about anything else) better."

Behind the scenes, Songza has 25 "music experts" building various playlists, which are then dropped into an algorithm that helps users discover the perfect soundtrack for the moment. Built-in playlists provide quick access, though users can also search favorite artists to find similar music.

In June, Songza co-creator Elias Roman said the company was already growing 50 per cent month over month in downloads, before the iPad app launched.

Pulling tunes from a library of about 18 million songs, Songza must compete with similar services like Spotify and Pandora, though Roman said that his company doesn't simply give access to songs, but instead helps listeners choose the right music at the right time.

The new Android tablet app is available to download for free in the Google Play store.