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Retro Nintendo Games available on smartphones via HTML5 site

Nintendo fans who have all but given up on their dream of the game maker releasing a new NES or Game Boy cartridge can turn to the next best thing: a smartphone.

A new HTML5 website, which looks like something straight out of the '90s, provides access to more than 100 old-school Nintendo games. While the site is touted as iPhone-compatible, games work on the Android platform, as well as the Web.

iDownloadBlog's Cody Lee, who first reported the site Monday, warned users not to get too excited.

"I use the term 'play' very loosely here," Lee said. "It's slow. In fact, slow in an understatement. It's molasses-y."

Some of the games, like Tetris, moved a lot more smoothly than others. Performance will likely differ based on the particular device and available connection speeds. Find the right hotspot and you may be able to whiz through Donkey Kong like it's 1994 again. Otherwise, as Lee heeds, be wary.

Nintendo hasn't released new games for its original consoles in about 20 years, prompting many an iOS owner to jailbreak their device in order to gain access to the games.

That might end up being the best option for fans, depending on how long the HTML5 site, dubbed iGBC, remains standing. Lee pointed out that despite the fact that the games aren't actually downloadable, the site is likely breaking a host of copyright laws.

"Of course, Nintendo could always do the right thing and just license its popular games for mobile user and become gazillionaires," Lee said.

The site's offerings include Centipede, Dance Dance Revolution, various Donkey Kong games, Final Fantasy, Kirby's Dream Land, Megaman, Pacman, and a number of Pokemon options, as well as Wario Land 1 through 3, and many more.