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Sony launches PlayStation Mobile program for developers

Sony Computer Entertainment will launch PlayStation Mobile this Autumn, offering expanded development tools and methods for game designers.

The program includes the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program, which will offer Sony's new PlayStation Mobile SDK to developers who want to make games for distribution through PlayStation Certified devices. Products like the PlayStation Vita and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play are compatible with PlayStation Mobile content, and Asus and Wikipad have both joined the PlayStation Certified license program to make additional compatible products.

According to Sony, 56 developers and publishers in Japan and Europe and 29 in the US have agreed to develop content for PlayStation Mobile. The PlayStation Mobile Developer Program itself will be rolled out in phases over Autumn to the UK, US, Japan, Canada. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

PlayStation Mobile content will be available through the PlayStation Store on the Vita and PlayStation Certified devices. However, when PlayStation Mobile content is launched in the PlayStation Store, original PlayStation games in the form of PSOne Classics will be discontinued and users who want to play those games will have to find other means.

Sony also announced today that it will add several features and tweaks to the PS Vita in the upcoming 1.8 software update. That includes new button controls for several of the Vita's menus, which were previously only controlled by the touch screen. The Vita will also be able to import playlists from iTunes and the PlayStation 3, and video playback will have more speed options. The software update is planned for 18 August.