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Pebble offers a glimpse of its Smartwatch UI

Like something straight out of a James Bond film, the Pebble Smartwatch is a smartphone-connected device that attaches to your wrist and allows you to receive emails, phone calls, and text messages, as well as listen to music without having to dig through your pocket or purse to find your phone.

The Pebble Smartwatch, which will connect to an iPhone or Android handset via Bluetooth, is still under development, but Pebble on Tuesday released a user interface preview for fans anxious to get a sneak peak at the new technology.

Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky warned that the UI on display in the video (top) is simply a preview, and is subject to change as the software develops. In the video, you can see developer Martijn test various iOS-friendly features on the iPhone and homemade prototypes.

According to Tuesday's Kickstarter update, the device ran into an antenna issue, which is being worked out with "a bunch of antenna experts," according to Migicovsky, who was sure that the team will "figure it out."

Developers also recently started tooling around with simple components like the USB charge cable and the shipping box.

A September shipment date was delayed last month thanks to overwhelming demand. When Pebble originally sought funding for the Smartwatch on Kickstarter, the company expected to raise enough money for 1,000 devices. Instead, it collected $10 million (over £6m) and 85,000 orders. Pebble said the devices will ship "as soon as possible."

Migicovsky reported via Kickstarter that the company has also been testing different watch bands, to find just the right texture to connect to its product, and are working on a Pebble Account page to allow backers to update their shipping information.

The company's next update, Migicovsky said, will reveal more information about software development progress.

While the project is still on track, the delay highlights the difficulty in bringing some of these hardware-based Kickstarter projects to fruition.