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Today's Tech: Nintendo using conflict minerals, Windows 8 RTM released to devs, Samsung Galaxy S3 getting Jelly Bean soon.

Our rampant consumerism sees us gobble up tech devices with little more than an afterthought for where their materials actually come from. Assessing such matters more closely is the Enough Project, which, as part of its efforts to combat crimes against humanity in nations like Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, has investigated the efforts made by manufacturers to stamp out the use of conflict minerals. Nintendo was guilty of making the least progress in its overall policy, but Intel, Apple, Motorola, and HP have been setting a considerably better example, according to the group’s findings. Let's hope other companies follow suit.

This weekend marks the return of Premier League football, and as a consequence, the return of illegal online streams showing all the action. Authorities say they shut down over 30,000 live match videos last season, but admit it’s like playing a game of “whack-a-mole” to stop the constant pop-up of streams. Follow the link to read views from both sides of the piracy fence.

Meanwhile, Windows 8 mania is reaching new heights, as Microsoft has released the operating system RTM to developers. We managed to get our hands on the OS for a test drive ahead of its 26 October launch date. Turns out Microsoft has produced an impressive piece of software - Windows 8 offers up faster boot times, better graphics and text performance, improved laptop and tablet battery life, and, of course, a much-touted overhaul of the Windows Start screen. To sweeten the deal, all those features and more will be available through an attractively priced £25 upgrade from previous versions of Windows dating back to XP. Click through for a full assessment of the OS.

In terms of mobile news, today’s headline story was the imminent arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The cutting edge of software and hardware form what should be a perfect mobile union – so read on to find out when the OS will be launched on the acclaimed smartphone, because it isn’t far away. There's also a preview video of Jelly Bean running on the Galaxy S3 for your viewing pleasure.

As ever, our reviews section is bulging with analysis on the market’s latest tech offerings, and today we see the Samsung BD-DE6100 Blu-ray player go under the microscope. Samsung has a good record of producing quality but affordable Blu-ray players, but no-one wants to start throwing their cash around until they have a comprehensive low-down on the pros and cons of a product. This particular number has pulled in a strong score, but you’ll have to follow the link to see exactly where it impressed, and where it didn't.