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Frustrated judge in Apple versus Samsung trial asks whether lawyer is 'smoking crack'

Judges presiding over major patent trials should probably expect a lot of paperwork, especially if the two sides in question are smartphone powerhouses Samsung and Apple. But Judge Lucy Koh has had just about enough with the endless filings from the two firms.

Koh asked Apple lawyer Bill Lee if he was "smoking crack" after Cupertino filed a 75-page briefing that covered dozens of possible witnesses Apple might call to the stand.

Judge Koh was sceptical that Apple would actually call any of the witnesses listed in the document, according to reports, prompting her outburst. Lee reportedly took it stride, responding that he was not, in fact, smoking crack.

According to All Things D, Lee insisted that the witnesses were necessary and would be called, but Koh said he was wasting the jury's time. Koh made her remarks when the jury was not present.

Both sides are finishing up week three of the "patent trial of the century." Some of the more recent testimony focussed on whether Google warned Samsung that its Galaxy Tab was too similar to the Apple iPad.

According to Bloomberg, Apple lawyers produced a 2010 email in which a Google employee remarked that the Galaxy Tab was "too similar to Apple" and should be changed to make it "noticeably different starting with the front side."

Under questioning, Samsung designer Kim Jin Soo said he did not recall the email exchange, Bloomberg said.

Apple sued Samsung in April 2011 for "slavishly" copying the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad with its Galaxy line-up of devices.

Earlier this week, Judge Koh asked Apple and Samsung to try to negotiate a settlement because there are "risks here for both sides" in letting a jury decide the companies' fates. Lawyers for both sides said they would consider it, but a deal is unlikely.