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Photobucket hopes to wow users with simplified interface

Photobucket fans looking for a change are in luck. The company has announced a revamped website, which offers fixes to the former pains of backing up, organising, and accessing photos and videos.

Based on findings from a recent Photobucket survey, the site's changes are meant to address user complaints about general disorganisation, a desire for a single secure backup location, integration between multiple devices and sites, and improved creative tools.

The new Photobucket addresses each of those points, and then some, by overhauling the site while simplifying its management process. The company is simply trying to keep up with changing technology, CEO Tom Munro said.

The site currently serves 100 million users and 3.5 billion images per day, making it the largest dedicated photo- and video-sharing site on the Web.

"With that comes a responsibility to our users to not only keep pace with the market, but also lead it with forward thinking and innovation," Munro said in a statement.

A sleek look is only the packaging for Photobucket's new features, which allow automatic upload of photos and videos from PCs, mobile phones, and various social sites, and bring new creative tools like fast and easy-to-use editing to the site.

Users will be able to preserve all original images, regardless of any changes made during editing. Photobucket has also included better storage options for photos and videos, so members can hold on to them forever.

"Our all-new Photobucket experience is designed to alleviate any anxiety [...], making it easy to bring all your photos and videos together so you can do whatever you want with them, whenever and wherever is convenient," Munro said.

The company also released a sneak peek at the upcoming "Photobucket Stories" feature, which turns the simple act of photo-sharing into "the art of storytelling," according the a press release.

Users can sign up now to receive an invitation to Photobucket's public beta once it goes live.