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Three rejigs SIM-only plans as competition intensifies

Three has tried to better cater for the growing number of users who prefer to adopt SIM-only plans, possibly fuelled by the current economic climate.

Data released by market research agency GfK shows that the SIM-only market has grown by just over a third from June 2010 to June 2012.

Three now offers three SIM-only tiers aimed at different audiences but with generous amounts of data; Essential Internet Plans, Ultimate Internet Plans and the One Plan.

Five Essential Internet Plans all come with between 50 and 600 minutes, either 500MB or 1GB data allowance, either one month or one year contract and costing between £6.90 and £15.90 per month.

The Ultimate Internet Plans all offer “All you can eat” data while the One Plan ups the allowance to 2000 minutes, 5000 texts, 5000 three-to-three minutes and unlimited tethering for £25 per month on a one month contract.

The changes come as rivals like T-Mobile, Giff Gaff and Virgin Media have started to offer similar deals with T-Mobile’s half price Full Monty SIM-only bundle with unlimited everything (except for tethering) being our current favourite.

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