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Amazon introduces online, nearline Glacier cloud storage solution

Amazon has introduced a new low end storage solution called Glacier which is aimed at the low end of the market and will allow the company to pitch a simple product against nearline storage solutions (like LTO tapes) while neatly avoiding Amazon’s own Simple Storage Service and other online cloud-storage solutions.

The company says that Glacier is optimized for archived data that is “infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable.”

The service is available to US, Asian and European consumers. The latter will pay a mere $0.011 per GB per month with data transferred out costing $0.12 per GB up to 10TB a month.

So a company uploading 1TB of data per month over a year will spend $120 per month, with the initial storage price standing at $10.10 for the first month and reaching $101 by month 10.

What’s more, customers will be charged a retrieval fee of $0.011 per GB (the same as the storage price) once they go beyond their allocated retrieval allowance (prorated daily) of five per cent per month.

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