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Codethink aims at Boston, Calxeda with with 32-cores ARM server

Codethink has become the second British company after Boston to unveil an ARM server, the Baserock Slab.

Unlike Boston, whose Viridis platform runs Calxeda’s EnergyCore system on chips, Codethink uses quad-core Marvell ARMADA XP processors with 2MB L2 cache assembled as System-on-Module units (built and designed by Cogent).

Eight of those are grouped on a single server with its own autonomous high speed network fabric and local storage that supports both mSATA and normal SATA drives (no FC or SAS at this stage). Each CPU comes with a 30GB mSATA drive (up to 120GB) and a dedicated SATA port.

Up to 64 cores can be stocked in 1U and a massive 2,432 cores can be housed in a full height rack, complete with power and networking. In comparison, the Viridis platform can house 96 cores per unit or 4,032 cores in a 42U rack.

A Marvell-built onboard 5Gbps network switch connects one CPU to another and two 10Gbps ports are available to network the unit.

Baserock has confirmed that the System-on-Module units can be upgraded to newer and faster technology in the future, a boon given that the current generation of SoCs only support 32-bit. Cortex-A15-based products will be the first in ARM’s portfolio to extend to 64-bit.

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