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Jolla's MeeGo smartphone likely to support Android apps

When Finnish start-up company Jolla, which has pledged to revive the MeeGo mobile OS, reveals its first smartphone later this year, it is expected to support Android apps, according to reports.

In an interview with Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola, Finnish website 3T reported that Jolla will avoid the challenge of having to build its own app store by supporting existing ones, like Android, Qt, and HTML5.

Jolla will utilise ACL (application compatibility layer) for the boosted app support. But as Hurmola noted on Twitter this weekend, "we have not actually revealed our full apps story yet."

Still, Hurmola boasted to 3T that Jolla is ahead of its competitors in the UI game.

"Our user interface is more modern than the Android and iPhone," Hurmola told 3T. "They have remained static [...] for five years, but [we] can do better."

Additionally, the Jolla phone will likely sport a touch screen in excess of 3.5in, based on Hurmola's complaint that the 3.5in screen "feels small."

Finnish company Jolla was born out of a group of ex-Nokia employees and MeeGo developers who wanted to keep the OS going. Only one MeeGo-based smartphone, the Nokia N9, was ever released.

Last month, it was revealed that the new MeeGo OS device will incorporate Mer Core and Qt, as well as a new user interface.

Jolla has been working since late 2011 to create a new smartphone and operating system, which is based on the quickly retired MeeGo OS. A product of Intel and Nokia's merged Moblin and Maemo platforms, MeeGo was pushed forward by Intel last year, after Nokia turned its back to pursue a relationship with Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 OS. Intel began shipping N9 devices in the autumn, but gave up shortly after.

The reclaimed mobile company snagged its first sales deal in July, promising devices on the shelves of Chinese retail chain D.Phone's 2,000 stores.