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Quora launches quote embed feature

Q&A website Quora has introduced the ability to embed quotations, cutting out the republishing middle man.

Many sites already quote content from Quora, but doing so can be burdensome, and prompted many publishers to request that Quora provide an easier solution. Now, the embedded quotes feature provides webmasters and publishers with code that will display a formatted Quora quote.

All of the site's content now includes an "embed" link, which provides a preview of the quotation, and the snippet of HTML coding that users can copy and paste into their own website. To quote only a specific section of a Quora answer or post, select the specified area with your mouse, then click on the "embed quote" pop-up.

In order to keep tabs on content being embedded onto other sites, Quora includes a tracking box on the original page showing who quoted the text, and provides a link to the embedded content.

When an edit is made to an already-quoted piece, Quora provides an added link to lead users back to the latest version on the original site.

The new feature began as a Quorachella project during Quora's summer hackathon, engineer Hongping Lim wrote in a blog entry. "We're excited to make this available to extend the reach writers have when they contribute to Quora," Lim said.

The move comes shortly after Quora was forced to tweak its Views feature amidst privacy complaints. Initially, Views shared with other Quora users content that people looked at on the site. Quora patched the issue by removing the story feed, while keeping the rest of the feature, which records feeds, topic pages a user follows, and clicks on digest emails.