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Today's Tech: Everything Everywhere to roll out 4G LTE in UK, Tesco probed over security flaws, Samsung to launch Galaxy S Duos

The headline-grabber this morning was the UK's 4G rollout, and Everything Everywhere's move into pole position to deliver the technology. It feels like the country has been waiting forever for the network upgrades, and Ofcom has frustrated many by delaying the bandwidth allocation process on more than one occasion. This time, the telecoms regulator has angered Everything Everywhere's rivals by giving the T-Mobile/Orange owner a head-start in the implementation. So follow the link to see Vodafone's rant about the situation and to find out just how soon we'll be able to make use of high-speed 4G connectivity.

Our broadband speeds should also be getting faster in the coming years. The government's £530 million upgrade project has drawn criticism in some quarters for focusing too heavily on benefitting urban areas, and not addressing the digital divide that sees rural Britain lag far behind, but MP Jeremy Hunt has brushed aside those concerns to talk up the plan to City techies. He's gone as far as saying he wants the UK to have the fastest broadband speeds in Europe by 2015, so let's see if the action matches the talk.

Another day, another online security mess. This time, the blunder comes courtesy of Tesco, which is being investigated by the Information Commissioner's Office over concerns its password storage techniques are not up to par. Three weeks after researcher Troy Hunt first reported flaws in the supermarket giant's website security, Tesco is still insisting its methods are "in line with industry standards across online retailers." Now it will have to convince the ICO as much or contend with the consequences.

With exactly one week until the ITProPortal gang lands in Berlin for IFA 2012, it's no surprise we've got our sights firmly set on the annual European tech fiesta. More specifically, we're letting our minds wander a bit with regards to the exciting new gadgets we're going to get a chance to play with, and one manufacturer we're certainly looking forward to meeting with is Samsung. As we learned today, it might not be just be the Galaxy Note 2 "phablet" that grabs headlines come next week, with the Korean tech titan announcing that it would be launching a dual-SIM addition to its Galaxy smartphone line-up in September. Dubbed the Galaxy S Duos, Samsung says the new device is designed for active young professionals who want to manage their work and personal lives on one device. More importantly, it looks a heck of a lot like the Galaxy S3, albeit with slightly inferior specs, but whatever you think of this young pretender, there's one thing we can probably all agree on – that IFA makes a perfect launch pad for the new handset.

And, finally, a meatier story to end the day - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was put under John C. Dvorak's fierce microscope. The writer argues that while Silicon Valley's fourth major generation of innovators, led by Zuckerberg, might not be the most appealing group of individuals, the recently wed Facebook king is getting a particularly hard time because of his social standing. I mean, how many tech upstarts gave had a film made about them, been voted TIME Person of the Year, and graduated to the billionaire club by the age of 27? In the end, Dvorak contends that peer envy could help oust Zuckerberg from his position at the top of the social networking pile - but what do you make of this conspiratorial view?