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Microsoft accepting more Xbox Live beta testers

Microsoft has put out a call for volunteers to test out the next version of Xbox Live.

Those who are accepted will get the update via a software update to the Xbox 360 in the next few days, Larry Hryb, director of programming for the Xbox Live, wrote in a blog post.

The beta will feature a number of new features, including Internet Explorer for Xbox, recommendations and ratings, pinning and favourites, enhanced category search and discovery features, and voice search in specified markets.

Microsoft last invited users to test out an Xbox Live beta in July. "The amount of interest...was so staggering that today we're announcing a second open call for Xbox Live subscribers to test out the beta program," Hryb wrote.

Microsoft is accepting "far more" beta testers this time around than it did in July, but Hryb still warned users to sign up quickly because the spots will fill up.

Users can register via Hryb told those encountering problems with the link to try again since high demand was hosing the system.

Those who are accepted into the 2012 Xbox Live Update beta will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which presumably means you can't blab about what you see.

"Any participant who violates the NDA will be removed from this beta and all Xbox betas moving forward, and will not have access to Xbox Live until the end of this beta program period," Hryb wrote.

"Our NDA enforcement squad is really good at finding violators; so save us both the trouble and don't test them. We also ask that you fill out a brief 5-minute survey at the end of the beta to let us know what you think."