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Today's Tech: iPhone 5 to run on Everything Everywhere's 4G spectrum?, Samsung Galaxy Note preview, Windows 8 registration open

This week has been awash with 4G news since Ofcom announced Everything Everywhere could go ahead with its roll out of the high speed mobile network. This meant subsidiary operators Orange and T-Mobile could launch 4G services in September, and it turns out they may be joined by Three soon after. The numerically-named firm has bought part of Everything Everywhere’s spectrum, which could see it steal a march on other mobile companies. Follow the link to see how the deal came about and when Three may be rolling out the upgraded service.

One major consequence of all this 4G lark could be the new spectrum’s compatibility with the forthcoming iPhone 5 – or whatever Apple choose to call it. Everything Everywhere’s introduction of the technology comes just one day before the expected iPhone launch date – suggesting the flagship smartphone may run on the newly-approved network in the UK. Industry rumours support this theory, so read on to check out the full story.

Regardless of the courtroom result over in California, Apple’s fanatical fanbase is no doubt going to remain loyal to its messiah, and one question devotees may be asking these days is: what about our new Apple TV? The rumour mill seems almost exclusively focused on the new iPhone and the potential iPad mini, but, as Will Greenwald points out, Apple is also due to refresh its television offering this year - and while it’s unlikely to be the HDTV hardware many fanboys are clamouring for, it could instead be a cloud-based DVR system. If Greenwald’s article doesn’t convince you it makes perfect sense then, well – you must be a Samsung supporter or something.

Evidently not satisfied with the mega-success of its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, said Korean firm is preparing to launch the next-generation version of its Galaxy Note at the IFA conference in Berlin on 29 August. This week, the phone-tablet hybrid, which is expected to boast a 5.5in display, got the preview treatment in a slick new video featuring Wings of Desire director Wim Wenders. Click through for a brief glimpse of the device’s silver trim and the new S-Pen stylus.

Windows 8 enthusiasts are now one step closer to the new operating system - Microsoft has begun accepting registrations for upgrades to the OS ahead of its 26 October release date. As the company announced in May to much acclaim, customers who purchased a Windows 7 PC after 2 June 2012 - and through to 31 January 2013 - can upgrade to the next-generation of the software for the low, low sum of £14.99. Everyone else will have to suck up the £49.99 price tag for general upgrades.